Theo Loevendie


first performance Changes for String Octet

First performances of Loevendie’s Changes for String Octet, Commissioned by Roctet string octet  June 22, 2024 Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam, July 5, 2024 Bussum, the Netherlands, July 20, 2024, 

Two Mediterranean Dances

The Cello Octet Amsterdam will be playing three concerts in The Netherlands where they will perform Lovendies “Two Mediterranean Dances” Tuesday 16th of May, Thursday

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra KCO

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra KCO will dedicate two concerts to the music of Theo Loevendie in October 2023 with English mezzo Polly Leech as a soloist. The concert will be conducted


Loevendie’s Doppleriana for 3 percussionists will be performed by the Ensemble WirkWerk  35th Osterfestival Tirol  

Introduction and Dances for String Quartet

On Friday, 11th of November, The Dudok quartet will be playing Introduction and dances at the “Willem twee Toonzaal, den Bosch, the Netherlands  

Duo for basclarinet

On her new CD “Figures” Fie Schouten recorded “Duo” the solo for bassclarinet, which Loevendie wrote in 1988. Fragments of her album can be listened

Ground 6 “Fie”

Last september 17th, on Loevendie’s 92nd birthday, Fie Schouten presented the digital release of ground 6 “Fie” which Loevendie finished in 2022. You can listen

Aulos-Fie Schouten

Together with Katharina Gross, (violoncello) Fie Schouten will be performing Loevendie’s Aulos at Alte Schmiede, Vienna, Austria

Fie Schouten Ground 6-

Together with Guus Janssen (organ), Fie Schouten (bass clarinet) will be performing Loevendie’s Ground 6 at the ZJFT, Garnwerd/church.