Theo Loevendie

Concert at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam

On Saturday April 20, a concert will take place in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Dedicated to music composed by Theo Loevendie.
Special attention will go to the influence of Turkish Folk Music on his output as a composer of chamber music and his acitivities in the field of jazz. 
A fine selection of musicians will perform his chamber music and Loevendie’s jazz ensemble The Wellingtonians will do the same with special focus on Loevendie’s recent output as a composer being inspired by Passacaglia’s such as they appeared in the European tradition from the 13th century until today, being improvisations on a bass obstinate originally but in later centuries composed by composers such as Lully, Purcell, Rameau, Bach, Brahms and Britten. 

The concert starts at 20,15,