Theo Loevendie

New Commission

The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra commissioned an orchestral work by Loevendie to be premiered in the “Matinee op de Vrije Zaterdag” in theAmsterdam Concertgebouw on february

Jazz in Welling

december 2nd,  Amsterdam at 16.30,  Café Welling Theo Loevendie’s Wellingtonians with guest singer Edwin Rutte and winner of the National Cello Competition 2018: Amke te Wies

Jazz in Welling

4 november Amsterdam at 16.30,  Café Welling  Theo Loevendie’s Wellingtonians with guest fluegelhorn player Angelo Verploegen.

Concert Theo Loevendie Trio

At festival “Toets des Tijds” The Loevendie Trio play his compositions for jazz musicians, covering  about 60 years. For tickets and contact click here:

Jazz in café Welling

Jazz concert in cafe Welling, Amsterdam with Theo Loevendie 5 and guest violinist Emma Breedveld performing o.a. “Dance” by Loevendie free admission. Concert starts at

Theo Loevendie’s Memoires

May 14th 2018 Theo Loevendie’s memoirs are available in bookshops in the Netherlands,covering his lifetime from his birth in 1930 in Amsterdam until recent activities

First performances Ralph van Raat

Ralph van Raat, piano, plays “Walk” and “Strides” And first performance of “Three Visions on Happy Ted” at de doelen, Rotterdam, Holland

Welling Concert

Theo Loevendie 5 play their monthly jazz concert at cafe Welling, Amsterdam This time with special guest, the vocalist Rosamint Faas. The concert starts at

Nora Fisher & Asko

Nora Fisher & Asko perform “Six Turkish Folksongs” The concert starts at 20:15 at the kleine zaal of Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. for more

Welling concert

The Theo Loevendie 5 play a Jazz concert in cafe Welling, Amsterdam. Guest vocalist is Elske Rollema. The concert starts at 16:30. There is no

“Reflex” in Asia!

Erik bosgraaf will be performing Reflex for recorder solo in Asia coming februari and march. Dates in Indonesia are” februari 9th in Jakarta, februari 11th,